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    Owners and their agents can now maintain and track their notices and releases online! What is the benefit of online tracking? Your subcontractors and suppliers can view and request release forms without you having to lift a finger. Additionally, you can send reminders to subcontractors and suppliers with the appropriate release ready for their signature. We offer this service via email without charge or via facsimile at a small fee to defray our costs.

    When you receive a "Notice to Owner" or "Notice to Contractor" on a specific project, you can access a secure area on our website where that notice can be logged. Included in this log is information such as who sent the notice, the subcontractor to which they supplied and the date the notice was received. This online logbook will then enable you to manage and track releases relevant to those notices you receive.

    Registered subcontractors and suppliers can then review your log for any releases you need and print pre-filled release forms ready for signing, thus saving you the time consuming work of providing releases to each of your subcontractors and their suppliers. Only authorized users will be allowed access to view the list that is relevant to them and their suppliers.


    • Reduces monthly phone calls and faxes to and from subcontractors and suppliers
    • Reduces paperwork and costs
    • Helps organize and track your releases
    • Archives closed projects
    • More efficient use of employee's time
    • Reduction of manual input errors
    • Improves communications between all parties



    Serving a correct Notice is an important first step in protecting your lien rights. NTO Management.com can help guide you through the "Notice to Owner" process. After you answer a few questions online, we will research, process and serve your "Notice to Owner/Notice to Contractor" to all proper parties. By utilizing our online service you will receive a 10% discount off our already low price.

    Once you've ordered a notice through our website, you can track it online at no charge. You will be provided detailed information such as the date they were mailed, and an Electronic Receipt of the date the notices were received. We will also remind you of important dates such as when you need to serve Notice of Non-Payment or file a claim of lien.

    Be sure to encourage the General Contractor or Owner on your project to use our free release tracking service. This will benefit you by allowing you to PRINT AND SIGN pre-filled release forms. Our system automatically inserts information onto the release form such as the release through date, owner's name, the name of the company you are releasing, project description and your company's name, address, phone and fax.


    Schedule of Fees
    Notice to Owner $35 base rate plus mailing charges**
    Other Charge (starting Mar 1.) $10.00 on orders after 35 days of first furnishing.
    Prepaid by Check
    Prepayment may be sent to
    NTO Management, Inc.
    607 South Alexander Street, Suite 215
    Plant City, Florida 33563-5050
    Account must have at least $40 to be eligible for the prepaid discount.
    Account must process at least 15 Notice to Owners in the past 30 days. This is done on a revolving basis.
    * Discounts apply only to the base charges, not to mailing charges
    Mailing charges include $0.75 per first class, $5.87 per Certified letter and $25.00 for International Registered Mail Return Receipt.